After three sessions, here is my testimony:

  • Your method is less formal, which frees the person and is much more open and easier to confirm.
  • Your method gives the impression of not telling your client what he has to do. He feels himself master of his own actions and decisions. This allows him to gain in self-confidence.

You combine work and generosity by making your network benefit sometimes from your customers according to their evolutions and their needs
WB — CEO. Innovation et cosmetic bio

BEYA Conseille is a company that fits perfectly into the French entrepreneurial landscape by the quality of its expertise and its proximity with the people it accompanies. It is not a question of finding the miracle formula for professional insertion, but of bringing everyone to position himself according to his personality. Beya Conseille is a method that works. When one has attended one of its formations, the final conclusion of the candidate is always: I am, so I can.
Nadia O — CEO. Editor

Beya is advice, listening, the human being. Being at the heart of its action. We first met during a project. Her passion, the art of telling a story and her positive energy fed me in the realization of my own professional dream.
To every dreamer, every project promoter, every actor and entrepreneur, Beya Conseille is the subtle ingredient necessary for the success of your project.
Joëlle Ngako — Entrepreneur. She launched her web TV

As part of our initiative on discrimination in employment, we welcomed Beya Conseille. Beya Conseille has responded perfectly to our expectations on this awareness-raising operation through human resources tools that can respond in a concrete way to the expectations of our diverse audiences. It has also demonstrated great adaptability.
Best regards.
Gilles Kassar — Social and cultural. Youth Equipment Division, TREMBLAY-EN-France

A heartfelt welcome, a sympathetic listening, a spontaneous and percussive analysis … result a CV completely reworked, enlightened by a correct and moving understanding of my personality and my qualities … impressive 😀 thank you Beya for this beautiful encounter that signs a new start and professional positioning!!!
Tania Téodorovic

I had the opportunity and the chance to meet Beya a few years ago during a workshop for people looking for work. What I liked is that she sees in everyone a unique potential and she pushes you to bring out the best of yourself. She points the finger at your differences, but to make it an asset and an added value.
Leïla Mokrani — Since our meeting, she has found a job abroad. Today, she repositioned herself on another job with success.

I discovered BEYA Conseille during her intervention at the Algerian Managers Show in France. Beya, the ruler, has raised up in me (and all present) the idea of questioning myself, of taking stock of myself and the desire to dare change to achieve true fulfillment.
This is an opportunity for me to meet Beya to discuss possible collaboration. Once again, impressed by her enthusiasm, her total involvement, her desire to bring her own touch for the one and only purpose, feel good, joyful and fulfilled in her work.
Beya, do not stop there; armed with will and winning spirit, she gives herself the means necessary to implement her ideas and her various and varied projects.
Beya, it’s a good therapy … and it works!

Often in life when you have fog in front of you, it is difficult to see and move forward, you have to help yourself with a person has removed this fog to see more clearly in his projects.
Thanks Beya.
Emir — Raw professionalism. Mostagri Sarl. Agricultural Contractor